UNESCO declared 23rd April to be WORLD BOOK DAY (and World Copyright Day) in 1995, celebrating birth and death dates of William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega among others. In Spain it’s a huge celebration with hundreds of authors meeting …

It’s good to have time to read

Over this Easter time, I am taking a week to recharge energy and enjoy a week with my family, coming over to get into the Sevillian vibe. Although we suddenly went back to winter and the storm clouds, rain and wind have blown away the …

José Piqueras will publish a new crime novel

It was great to see José Piqueras in his visit to Seville, and celebrate with him and Charo Cuevas the contract for his new crime novel. In Granada, Inspector Velázquez investigates strange going-ons which appear to be orgies held in churches, but events soon take …

30 Giorni… will be published in Brazil

I’m delighted to announce that 30 GIORNI PER CAPIRE… will be published in Brazil. This set of three splendid books enable adults to experience and understand what it is like to be a child with autism, visual impairment, and other aspects of kids called different. …

TI Voglio Bene by Pope Francis, in Portuguese

I’m happy to report that Ti Voglio Bene, the new book by Pope Francis, will soon be published in Portuguese. This beautiful observation on love is such a necessary read in these times of war, hate and conflict. Rights for Brazil are still available.

Javier Díez Carmona publishes Venganza with Grijalbo

Javier Díez Carmona has published VENGANZA (Revenge) with Grjalbo, completing the JUSTICE TRILOGY. Osmany Arechabala risks his life to expose a bloodthirsty band of people-traffickers in the most dangerous part of Bilbao.    

Foreign rights for Cristina García Rodero’s wonderful book

I’m happy to announce that JdeJ Editores has entrusted to Reynolds LIterary the foreign rights for SER FOTÓGRAFA: Un regalo de la vida, by the renowned Spanish photographer Cristina García Rodero. Through a selection of her beautiful, striking photos, Cristina García Rodero talks about her …

Coffee with Ángel G. Osuna

It was a pleasure to have coffee with Ángel G. Osuna, who has chosen Reynolds LIterary to represent his spinechilling crime novels, after publishing two novels and winning the Sed de Mal award at Octubre Negro, Madrid. The evening of the photo, Ángel was signing …

Albatroz publishes Deus quer que sejas feliz

I’m pleased to announce the Albatroz (Porto Editora) is the Portuguese publisher of DEUS QUER QUE SEJAS FELIZ, translated from the original Italian edition of Livraria Pienogiorno (represented by Juliane Röderer/ST&A).

Welcome, Vasco Catarino Soares!

It’s a pleasure to represent Vasco Catarino Soares, doctor of neuropsychology among other specialities, and author of five practical titles on exercises and activities to improve brain functions and memory, all bestsellers in the original Portuguese editions.

Hello, Pilar Mayo!

I’m happy to announce that Pilar Mayo has joined the agency. Author of three published novels, she has entrusted her fourth novel to Reynolds Literary. an intimate, touching vision of mother and daughters.

Farol publishes Uma boa vida

I’m happy to see the Portuguese edition from Farol (PRH) for UMA BOA VIDA, by Pope Francisco, originally published by Livraria Pienogiorno (represented by Juliane Röderer/ST&A).  

It was great to meet Juan Nombela

It was great to meet Juan Nombela and his wife Belén in person, during their visit to Seville. Juan has entrusted his latest crime novel, located in A Coruña and the sinister world of corruption in sports, to Reynolds LIterary.      

Welcome, Rafael Echevarria!

Welcome to Rafael Echevarria, who has chosen the agency to represent his new crime novel, an intimate portrait of a young police office and the families of a missing child, after having published collections of short stories.    

Albatroz publishes A alegria de um sorriso

Albatroz (Porto Editora) has published A ALEGRIA DE UM SORRISO, the Portuguese edition of the original Italian title edited by Livraria Pienogiorno (represented by Juliane Röderer/ST&A).

Welcome back, Eugenia Alcázar!

It’s a pleasure to welcome Eugenia Alcázar again and to represent her amazing illustrated stories. Her latest work is a collection of intimate, surprising, intriguing short stories accompanied by her signature illustrations.

Hello, Eduard Roselló!

Welcome to Eduard Roselló, a booklover and writer who has chosen Reynolds Literary to represent his entertaining cosy mystery which takes place in the art world in Barcelona, London and Paris.    

Juan Antonio Piñero’s new poetry title

After the touching collection of poetry Mientras yo te quiera (While I Love You), Juan Antonio Piñero has published a second illustrated collection of love, loss and joy, LOCO POR TI (Mad About You), with Editorial Alfar, Sevilla.

Welcome, Paula Fernández de Bobadilla!

It’s a pleasure to announce that I represent Paula Fernández de Bobadilla, author of children’s books and nonfiction for adults. Her latest novel for teens is a beautiful, heartbreaking story of grief and joy.    

Editorial Presença publishes A Menina de Kiev

Editorial Presença has published A Menina de Kiev, the Portuguese edition of La bambina di Kiev, by Luca Crippa and Maurizio Onnis, originally published in Italy by Livraria Pienogiorno, represented through Juliane Röderer and ST&A .

Javier Díez Carmona published SOLAS (ALONE)

Javier Díez Carmona has published his second novel with Grijalbo, the disturbing SOLAS (ALONE) in which Osmany Arechabala investigates the unexplained disappearances of several women in the remote mountainous area of Enkarterri, in the Basque country.

Hello, Esther Carrasco!

Welcome to Esther Carrasco, author of the popular novel Fable. In her new novel she ventures into a more sinister world and I’m delighted she has chosen Reynolds Literary to represent her.    

Welcome, José Piqueras!

I’m pleased to announce that José Piqueras, winner of the BMB prize for crime novels, has chosen Reynolds Literary to represent him.  His third novel, another crime story of course, is already in my hands.

Daniel Jerez publishes his novel with Maeva

Daniel Jerez has published his sixth novel, EL PASADO NUNCA NOS OLVIDA (THE PAST NEVER FORGETS US) this time with Editorial Maeva. In this enthralling thiller set in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona) evil deeds a century old surface again, bringing danger and unexpected twists …

Welcome, Daniel Fagundo!

We welcome Daniel Fagundo to the agency. After publishing several thrillers and historical novels, Daniel has taken the step of having Reynolds Literary represent him and he’s just sent me an enthralling historical novel about Italica in Roman times.

Happy World Book Day 2021 – Happy Sant Jordi 2021

It’s wonderful to be able to celebrate World Book Day and Sant Jordi with more joy this year, after not being able to have any booths in the streets or celebrations last year. Books have been the faithful companions of all of us confirmed bookworms. ...

Welcome, Eva Bernadó!

It’s a pleasure to welcome Eva Bernadó, an experienced novelist, particularly of thrilers and contemporary novels, with a distinctive, entertaining personal style.  She prefers to be incognito, so she publishes under a pen-name, allowing her to move freely between styles and genres.  Eagle-eyed readers in ...

Juan Antonio Piñero, published by “La Esfera de los Libros”

Juan Antonio Piñero, social media phenomen, will see a lovely illustrated collection of his reflections and poems published by La Esfera de los Libros this spring. Translation rights available.

«Adventures in Philosophy» from Gill Books

I’m delighted to say that ADVENTURES IN PHILOSOPHY, from Gill Books, will be published in Spanish in Latin America.

Daniel Jerez’s new thriller will soon be published

I am delighted to announce that we have closed an agreement for the Spanish language rights to DANIEL JEREZ’s new thriller, with an excellent independent Spanish publishers.  Photo credit: Daniel Jerez, La Casa del Semáforo (The Light House) – closely linked to the story of ...