The genres and subjects I represent:


Picture books; novels for children and YA. I am looking for stories that reflect the worlds of children and teenagers, and that take them on journeys and adventures, that,make them think, dream and question everything.

Fiction for Adults

Historical novels, relationships and entangld love stories, crime fiction, intrigue and suspense, fantasy and science-fiction. I adore stories of triumph over adversity, those that transmit passionate emotions, that propose diverse perspectives, and make me think and see the world differently. The main characters should advance, grow and stay in the reader’s mind long after the last page.


Health and wellbeing, self-help and personal development for a wide non-academic readership: practical texts that help people see their situation more clearly and how to confront it; essays that enlighten the general public on important topics.

PLEASE NOTE! I do not represent authors of academic works, nor playwrights.

If you think your work fits the type of book I represent, please send me a message through the Contact page including:

1. Brief statement of your experience (tell me in a few lines why you can write this type of book well)

2. Summarize in about ten lines the plot, characters or the contents of a non-fiction work, the reason why you write and who it is addressed to (or in what area of a bookstore you would see your book, with what other authors already published)

3. Information on other published works, if any, and please let me know if you have contacted other agencies or publishers.

4. A summary of your career, biography, and additional information about presence on social networks, associations or experience that are relevant to your work.

Attach in .pdf (.pdf only) the first 50 pages of novels for young people and adults, or the complete story as well as a sample of illustration in the case of works for children; for non-fiction, send the list of contents and two or three chapters.

I am sorry that I cannot respond to all the manuscripts received, but there are no hours in the day to do so. The reading process is slow (because I read everything personally and necessarily in my free time so as not to detract from the work of those authors I already represent). If you do not receive news in the following three months, it will be because I cannot offer you appropriate representation at this time.

If I see that I can represent your work well, I will get in touch and, with if we both agree, we will sign a representation agreement.