Carlos Vitale (Buenos Aires, 1953) holds degrees In Spaniah and Italian. He has written his first children’s stories now, after publishing poetry and critical appreciation in the titles Unidad de lugar (2004), Descortesía del suicida (2008), Cuaderno de l’Escala / Quadern de l’Escala (2013), Fuera de casa (2014), El poeta más crítico y otros poetas italianos (2014) and Duermevela (2017). He has also translated numerous poetry collections from Italian and Catalan poets.

He has been a frequent participant in literary and poetry festivals, and readings in Argentina, Spain, Venezuela, Armenia, Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Estonia, Greece, Bulgaria and France. In 2015 he was awarded the VI Premio José Luis Giménez-Frontín for his contribution to bringing diverse cultures together. He has been living in Barcelona sinco 1981.