Dani Mendoza is a young author of crime novels, from Málaga. His first two novels, self-published on Amazon, Secretos y mentiras / Secrets and Lies, and Leteo / Lethe, have excellent reviews on Amazon and in bookblogs.

“You feel as if you are in a chapter from Black Mirror / The way he write, the way he immerses you in the story and his capacity to capture your attention from start to finish / Addictive, excellent. / A fast read, with unexpected twists and a heart-attack ending. Super recommended. / Crime novel in the line of Capote, in which the author creates a magnificent combination of timing, rhythm and characters, all at once. The full plot isn’t revealed until the last page, it’s one of those novels that maintains the intrigue the whole time.” (Extracts from 5 star reviews on Amazon).

His latest crime novel is a twisted mystery of the ramifications of corruption and criminal activities in the elegant mansions of Spain’s southern coasts.