Juan Francisco Dávila (Lima, 1973) is both Peruvian and Spanish. With a degree in Economics, an MBA from IESE de la Universidad de Navarra and a Doctorate in Ciencias de la Gestión from ESADE, Barcelona, he has been a university lecturer since 2006.

As a writer, he is a poet, and a narrator of novels for adults and children. He won the VI Bienal de Poesía para Niños del Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano (ICPNA) (Award for Peotry for children) in Lima in 2015 and the XII Premio Internacional Sexto Continente de Poesía Amorosa en 2012 en Madrid (Radio Exterior de España) (Sixth International Love Poetry Award). He received an honourable mention in the award for poetry for children XI Premio Barco de Vapor Perú in 2019, and he was runner-up in the I Premio Barco de Vapor Perú and in the III Bienal de Poesía Infantil del ICPNA in Lima in 2009.

His published books include books of poems for children titled Amazonia (Lima, ICPNA 2018) and Sirenas del Arenal (Mermaids of the Dunes) (Lima, Caja Negra 2017) and his poetry appears in the anthology for children Versos Inquietos (Restless Verses) (Municipalidad de Lima, 2018) and in Amor. Poesía amorosa contemporánea (Madrid, Cuadernos del Laberinto 2014).

His novels for younger readers explore the limits between reality and fantasy while for adults, he addresses contemporary relationships.