Rafael Alé Jiménez was born in Utrera (Sevilla), on 17th March 1968 while in the spring was getting underway in Paris. He went to the Salesianos school in Utrera and completed his university studies in Spanish in Seville and Italy. Separated, father of one son, he teaches language and literature in high school, as well as foreign languages and religion.
He was a weekly contributor to the radio programm Protagonistas on Punto Radio, Sevilla, directed by the journalist Patricia García Mahamud.

He has written a YA novel on classical Spanish literature which also serves as a learning aid; a novel about the difficult of being homosexual in Catholic surroundings; a collection of poems; a story for younger children; and a collection of lay sermons. With the Barcelona author Esther Gómez Menú, he has co-written a thriller based on social media.

Free-thinker and with a deep knowledge of the Western cultural and literary tradition, he writes across all genres, confident in the capacity of humans to perfect themselves and in literature as “a weapon loaded with future”.