Sabela Balsa (1973) was born in Basle, Switzerland, although she grew up in A Coruña (Galicia, Spain) and she now lives in Madrid. She has a degree in psychology, a post-grad in research of organisational behaviours, and she is completing her doctorate in the psychology of health and pychosocial processes in organisation, with an emphasis on management of change, organisational culture and leadership.

Her personal interests and professional career, her fascination and affinity for other cultures, communication and languages have led her to live in different countries (United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium as well as Spain) and to travel extensively. She has worked mainly for international organisations.

Reading and writing are two of her great passions. She has been setting down the voices, thoughts and most unexpected aspirations of her characters in contemporary novels, for some time now. She self-published her first novel Los insectos también tienen corazón (Insects also have a heart) in 2021.

Her latest novel follows four women of different generations through their relationships with family, friends and work, as they uncover dark secrets about the past. The combination of mystery and emotions make for a heart-warming read.