Susana Gross (Philadelphia 1948), graduated from Boston University with a degree in French Literarure and has lived in Spain since 1977, first in Ibiza and then for three decades in Barcelona, where she is returning in 2021 after an interlude in France.

She began her literary career with a weekly column for the English-language edition of Ibiza News, under the pseudonym Maggie Scratch, also the title of her first novel.

On moving to Barcelona, she wrote a book about Ibiza in the 1980s, Black Sheep. She worked for Spanish television writing comedies for pilots and gags for a tv gameshow
called “Si lo sé no vengo”.

She diversified her professional writing across cinema, poetry, short stories and self-help. She has also written a book for children, dedicated to her godson, A Story for Abush. She worked with her sister-in-law, the author Janie Gross, on a reportage book titled Twins At Heart. Her cinema script The Blue Shepherd has been translated into Spanish and optioned for film.

Her Ibiza trilogy, The Maggie Scratch Trilogy, is a fascinating mix of reflections, experiences and anecdotes full of humour, a portrait of the extravagent lives of some of the characters and of the search for love and family over three decades by Maggie Scratch, the main character.