El Arcabucero nº61

On 17th July 1642, 61 harquebusiers were sent to Vinaroz to block the advance of the French troops. However, one of these brave soldiers had a very different mission: find and guard an artefact created by Galileo Galilei, capable of changing the destiny of the world.

Centuries later, a group of people unknown to each other are drawn together on Facebook to share their knowledge, fascinated by the figure and work of Galileo Galilei. Valeria Soto, brilliant, intrepid lecturer in physics, decides to transcend theory and discover the truth hidden in the legend of that 61st harquebusier, and what connected Galilei Galilei, Blaise Pascal, the town of Yecla and its La Purísima festivities. She will soon discover that the research she began in all innocence is no game and she and her ex-boyfriend Adrián Barral -a boring HR technician involved in the events by accident- become the targets of an unscrupulous murderer.

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Daniel Jerez