Exercícios Para O Cérebro, Summer Edition / Exercises For Your Brain, Summer Edition

he series with more than 30,000 copies sold is back with something new for this summer! It’s not just the body that needs to be exercised to stay fit… the brain also needs to be trained to stay in shape! In the new book in the bestselling series Exercises for the Brain, neuropsychologist Vasco Catarino Soares presents you with a unique program for this summer: alone or with friends, have fun solving these exercises while stimulating your brain.

Memorise sequences, spot the differences between pictures, find hidden words, and translate sentences that were written backwards. On a break from work, on a terrace with friends or in bed before going to sleep, discover how it is possible to have a powerful brain in less than 30 days!

Portuguese (world except Brazil): Manuscrito

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