Exercícios Para Recarregar O Cérebro / Exercises to Recharge Your Brain

Are you having trouble concentrating? Do you often forget things and have blank moments? Do you feel drained, with no energy and frustrated by not being able to handle everything? You’re not the only one… everyone says the same.
However, we cannot always blame stress or our fast-paced lives. Have you ever thought your brain might be out of shape? In our daily routines and more or less predictable lives, we repeatedly stimulate the same brain circuits and we are probably not challenging our brains often enough. The good news is that you can reverse this state of exhaustion.

Vasco Catarino Soares has created a 66-day program (the time needed to cement a habit) with a total of 264 exercises to train 12 skills of your brain. YOU WILL NOT NEED MORE THAN 10 MINUTES A DAY to improve your ability to memorise and recall; concentrate better; switch from one task to another more quickly; increase learning capacity; in general, achieve a better management of your daily life.

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