Exercícios Para Um Cérebro Mais Inteligente / Exercices for a More Intelligent Brain

Have fun with family and friends with exercises ideal for activating brains of all ages. Does Grandad always lose his glasses? Does Mum moan that she comes home with a tired brain? Do the kids think maths is a seven-headed monster? Does Dad complain that he cannot concentrate at work? Does Uncle swear he can’t think straight? Mayday, mayday!
These sedentary brains need urgent exercise. Don’t worry: Vasco Catarino Soares is back with yet another brain exercise program, and this one promises to be really fun. Now you can turn training into an activity for the whole family and friends, with no age limit. With a total of 140 challenges, have fun in this great brain game while improving your logical skills, concentration and persistence in solving problems. Smarter brains? Let the games begin!

Portuguese (world except Brazil): Manuscrito

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