Exercite O Seu Cérebro / Exercise Your Brain

30 days, 90 exercises to train your memory, increase mental flexibility and improve concentration.

Are you having trouble concentrating on a task? Do you find it difficult to memorise dates and other information? Can’t concentrate while studying or reading a document? Then this book is for you.

Clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist Vasco Catarino Soares has created a plan to train the cognitive functions of attention, memory and mental flexibility, and speed. In the same way that practicing sports improves physical capacity, working the brain through scientifically-designed exercises stops the natural deterioration that brain function suffers with ageing. The stress of daily life, the lack of leisure time, poor sleep habits and inadequate food to nourish our brain all contribute to explaining the symptoms we complain about.
However, it’s never too late to exercise your brain and increase the number of neuronal connections and the speed with which they communicate with each other. It’s never too late to rejuvenate your brain! At the end of this 30-day training program you will find that your concentration, memory and mental flexibility have improved.

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