Bilbao, November 2014. Four people are killed within a few days of each other: Camilo, a young Cuban married to a girl from Bilbao; Rosa, about to retire from her lifelong job at a bank; José María Martínez, a businessman: and Esther Delgado, the CEO of a company holding founded by her father. There is nothing to connect the murders directly but Osmany, Camilo’s father and an ex-captain of the Cuban army, saw Rosa being killed and he knows it was not a simple case of a mugging gone wrong, as the police have said.

Osmany and a motley group of people including Rosa’s partner, the private investigator taken on by Esther’s father, and other people who knew the four deceased, band together to find the truth of the murders, reivindicated by an unknown revolutionary group, while others in the shadows try to cover up all the leads. Meanwhile, more people die, real estate fraud is uncovered, and greed and sordid motives for the murders are revealed, tainting all levels of society, in grey, rainy Bilbao fraught by danger.

World Spanish: Grijlabo 2021

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