Revenge (Volume III of the Justice Trilogy)

Miren Ruíz de Heredia, an officer in Basque Country, assumes the investigation of the massacre where three colleagues and a kidnapper died. The oficial version does not convince her. For this reason, and while waiting for the forensic reports, she begins to
interrogate possible witnesses: the Cuban Osmany Arechabala.

When Osmany returns from testifying at the police station, he is distraught to find the bodies of his daughter-in-law and his granddaughter. However, he soon discovers that he will not be able to take revenge on the murderer. With the help of Borja Maruri, a lawyer and economist, and Antonio Arzamendi, a former bank director,both of whom he met in Justice, he begins to pull the financial strings of a Nigerian mafia.  With his investigations, Osmany has stirred up a hornet’s nest and there are several people who want him dead.  This time, his chances of survival are at their lowest ever.

World Spanish: Grijalbo, November 2023

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