Pilar Fernández was born in Madrid, where she lives. She has a doctorate in psychology, specilalist and MSc studies in clinical psychology, teaching and clinical sophrology. She is a corresponding academic in Medicine. She holds the position of Director of the Psychology Service in Hospital Asepeyo, in Coslada (Madrid).

She cooperates regularly with the University of Milan, the Complutense university in Madrid, the Camilo José Cela University and the University of Granada. She is a mediator in Asepeyo, and is also a lecturer in the Escuela del Cuidador de Asepeyo. She a founder and the president of the Sociedad Española de Técnicas Antiestrés (Spanish Society of Anti-stress Techniques) and an active member of the Sociedad Española de Psicología Positiva (Spanish Society of Positive Psychology) and of several NGOs.

Pilar Fernández won the Sophrology Award from the Escuela Andaluza de Sofrología and the Premio “Miguel Guirao” de Psicología, awarded by the Real Academia de Medicina y Cirugía de Granada (Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Granada).

Flow!, her first book, co-written with Dr María del Mar Morales, was published in 2017 by Edaf. She has also published numerous scientific and academic papers and articles, she has been a contributor to technical titles, and contributes to various popular magazines. She has also appeared as consultant on various radio and television programmes. In her spare time, she plays the guitar and practises martial arts.