Daniel Jerez (Barcelona, 1975) has a degree in Psychology, a Master in Professional Health&Safety and a doctorate in Business Management. His range of experiences and studies help him create charismatic, contradictory characters who people the mystery novels he so enjoys writing.

His latest novel is El pasado nunca nos olvida (The Past Never Forgets Us) (Maeva 2022), a thrilling story of past secrets, corruption and deceit that have affected a town for a century.  He is preparing a second novel with some of the same characters.

He published his first novels on Amazon, El arcabucero nº 61 in 2012, seven years ln the top 500 thrillers/mystery titles; La fórmula Terrades in 2014; and El beso de la muerte in 2019, all with similar success and happy readers.

He has taken part in round-tables and conferences on writing, indie publishing and the place of Barcelona in literature, along with well-known authors (for instance, a round-table discussion with Glenn Cooper in Barcelona). His blog has over 300,000 unique visitors, as well as being present on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.